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Aqua Blasting

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Aqua Blasting

Service Overview

Aqua blasting is a process that uses a mixture of high powder water and media slurry to blast the surface of metal. It is a gentle yet more effective procedure than shot blasting with dry shot that is aggressive and strips back to bare metal. Water cleans by flow not impact and creates a soft and silky finish.

Diamond Cut Alloys

Aqua blasting is specifically designed for alloy wheel preparation after kerb damage. Diamond Cut alloys can be blasted and prepared for in one simple step ready for powder coating and the diamonds cut process.

Car and Motor Bike Parts

It can also be used for the restoration of car and motor bike parts by creating a clean finish without the use of chemicals or solvents. They would be prepped in a hot wash degreaser to remove oil or paint before the aqua blast process.

The Process

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Case Studies

Great service. Great quality finish on my alloy wheel refurb in gloss black. Great value for money. Turned my wheels round in 2 days. Mercs,Jags,Range Rovers and Aston Martin all booked in for work. So they are clearly doing something right in the wheel coating business.

Would not hesitate to recommend them.

Andrew Lyons, See what Our Clients Say