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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Service Overview

What is a Diamond Cut Wheel?

A Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel has two different contrasting colours unlike a powder coated or painted wheel that has just one colour. The inner body of the alloy will be a darker colour to the outer surface of the alloy which will be a high gloss silver.
This look is achieved by firstly powder coating the alloy one colour. Then using a specialist CNC lathe a diamond tipped cutting tool removes thin layers of the paint then metal from the alloys outer edge and face. This reveals the bare metal of the alloy and a high shine mirrored result. It is then lacquered to protect against corrosion and create the perfect finish.


Diamond Cutting Service

Chips, scuffs, dents or colour changes can only be processed on a diamond cut alloy using a specialist diamond cutting CNC lathe and powder coating equipment by experienced wheel technicians. Paint touch ups or mobile technicians would not provide this specialist machinery or service.


Diamond Cutting Refurbishment Process

The diamond cut process is more in-depth and is a longer procedure than the one colour powder coating refurbishment. This reflects in the time spent on the process and the price.


CBF Diamond Cut Procedure Options

Bring the car into us and we will take the wheels and tyres off and follow the step by step process including refitting your tyres and rebalancing the wheels. All cars are kept in a secure area with a police monitored alarm system.

How Long Will It Take

How Long Will It Last

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Case Studies

Great service. Great quality finish on my alloy wheel refurb in gloss black. Great value for money. Turned my wheels round in 2 days. Mercs,Jags,Range Rovers and Aston Martin all booked in for work. So they are clearly doing something right in the wheel coating business.

Would not hesitate to recommend them.

Andrew Lyons, See what Our Clients Say