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Diamond Cut Alloys

Drop your car with us and we can arrange to take you home.

We lift the car and remove the tyres using our in house lifting and tyre removal equipment.

The following processes are carried out to ensure a clean surface base to start powder coating:

Pre-treatment ensuring all dirt, oil, and grease is removed.

Acid stripping, strips the alloy back to its base.

Aqua blasting to remove old paint and rust.

Any damages are repaired at this point.

A quality primer is then sprayed to give the perfect base coat.

The alloys are then transported to the oven for the curing process.

The colour of your choice is then sprayed. This will be the colour of the inner alloy.

The oven process is repeated.

Each individual alloy is placed in the CNC lathe where the diamond tipped cutting tool removes thin layers of the paint then metal from the outer edge and face. 

A quality lacquer is sprayed to complete the perfect finish.

The oven process is repeated.

They are removed from the oven and left to cool.

The tyres are refitted and the wheels rebalanced before replacing back onto the vehicle.

The Alloy wheels are then polished; your vehicle is now ready for collection.

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Diamond Cut Alloys

A Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel has two different contrasting colours unlike a powder coated or painted wheel that has just one colour. The inner body of the alloy will be a darker colour to the outer surface of the alloy which will be a high gloss silver.

This look is achieved by firstly powder coating the alloy one colour. Then using a specialist CNC lathe a diamond tipped cutting tool removes thin layers of the paint then metal from the alloys outer edge and face. This reveals the bare metal of the alloy and a high shine mirrored result. It is then lacquered to protect against corrosion and create the perfect finish.

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