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The Process

Our four stage process is key to ensuring all products that we treat are of a consistent and unfailingly high quality, whether they are industrial projects or returning your tired alloy wheels back to their former glory – these four stages are the foundation for a flawless finish. These stages are listed in more detail below to provide an idea of exactly what makes up the refurbishment and restoration process, as each stage is made up of its own important layers.

We offer an excellent shot blasting service and have our own shot blasting plant. We use this method as it is ideal for the preparation of industrial metal work, bike parts, radiators and most metal work. It is most commonly used for the removal of old paint and rust. It also shows any imperfections such as corrosion or weak welding joints. It provides a smooth and clean surface to start the powder coating process and is essential for the ultimate perfect powder coating finish.


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Shot blasting

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is a method of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against another material under high pressure to remove containments and smooth a rough surface. Shot blasting is a procedure used to clean or polish metal. A stream of small particles of steel beads or shot is fired through a gun accelerated by compressed air. This is carried out within the shot blasting room. Each shot blasting task determines the type of abrasive media or shot that is used.

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